Holly: Finding Sanctuary After Trafficking and Addiction and Helping Other Women Find Healing and Purpose

Holly Christine Hayes

This week’s episode of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast features Holly Christine Hayes, founder of The Sanctuary Project. Holly was rescued out of a life of addiction, trafficking, and trauma 20 years ago and founded The Sanctuary Project to help others by employing and empowering women who have also survived lives of trafficking, violence and addiction. The Sanctuary Project is a jewelry company that provides a safe space for survivors to grow in practical skills, unleash their creativity, embrace their femininity, and heal their hearts – all in community with other survivors. Holly is passionate about sharing her vulnerable story of trauma and healing and she speaks regularly in jails, churches, recovery communities and to conferences all over the world. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • ⁠Holly’s inspiring story of experiencing and overcoming trauma, and how she found healing and purpose; 
  • What sparked The Sanctuary Project and about the incredible work they do;
  • About Holly’s award-winning book “From Basement to Sanctuary”;
  • Holly’s journey as a single woman and how she met her husband, and her advice for others looking for “the one”; 
  • About Holly’s life and family now;
  • And so much more.


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The Sanctuary Project jewelry

For more information on The Sanctuary Project, please visit their website

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You can find The Sanctuary Project’s jewelry on their website or at Target

For information about Holly Christine Hayes or to book her to speak, please visit her website

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And you can buy Holly’s book “From Basement to Sanctuary” here.

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