Jenny: Empowering and Supporting Adults with Disabilities to Live Lives of Purpose, Inclusion and Dignity

Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown, co-founder of Dutton Farm and EveryBody by Dutton Farm, joins the 1 Girl Revolution to share her inspiring life story, the powerful story of her family and her sister Becca, how Dutton Farm and EveryBody by Dutton Farm came to be, and so much more. Jenny’s sister Becca is the inspiration for Dutton Farm and Everybody by Dutton Farm – which works to celebrate, educate, and employ people with disabilities and special needs.  

Dutton Farm exists to empower and support those with disabilities and special needs, and to inspire the world to treat those with disabilities and differences with equality, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • ⁠Jenny’s inspiring life story and the beautiful story of her family.
  • How Dutton Farm was started and what they do.
  • How you can support Dutton Farm and EveryBody.
  • How you can support those with special needs and disabilities.  
  • How you can change the world through your life and so much more.


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Inspiration Awards

For more information on Dutton Farm, please visit their website.

To support Dutton Farm, their incredible work, and those they employ, check out EveryBody by Dutton Farm and their great products!

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