Jessica’s Story: Supporting The Siblings of Individuals with Mental Health and/or Developmental or Cognitive Differences

18-year-old Jessica Goldberg founded an organization called Sib 4 Sib a few years ago, after she recognized that there was a lack of support and there wasn’t a network for siblings of individuals with mental health and/or developmental or cognitive differences. Jessica had her own experiences and the experiences of her friends that led her to start Sib4Sib, recognizing that there was a lack of support and resources for siblings of individuals struggling with mental health, developmental or cognitive differences, and more. 

Sib4Sib serves as a resource and community for so many young people across the state of Michigan and throughout the world, and has created a network of support that only continues to grow and thrive. Sib 4 Sib offers a variety of resources including support groups, advocacy services, networking, social outings, and so much more for young people between the ages of 6-18. 

Jessica joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her own life’s journey, how Sib4Sib came to be, more about this incredible organization and the work that they’re doing to support young people, what it’s like to be a young person today and their daily struggles and experiences, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode! Listen below.

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For more information on Jessica and Sib4Sib, please visit their website.

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