Episode 66: Katie’s Story: Finding Meaning and Purpose, and Spreading Kindness Through Hair, Community, and Love

Katie Steller, Owner and Founder of Steller Hair Company
Katie and one of her clients - The Red Chair Project
Katie and one of her clients – The Red Chair Project

Katie Steller is the owner and founder of Steller Hair Company, a values-driven hair salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Steller Connect, a creative community-centered event space; and she’s founder and Executive Director of the Steller Kindness Project. Katie is also the founder of The Red Chair Project, which provides haircuts to the homeless and to those in need. 

Katie is known for her compassion, drive, and values, and she is committed to cultivating community and welcoming all with loving arms and spreading kindness throughout our communities and throughout the world. Katie’s salon, Steller Hair Company, in Minneapolis is a space where people can come together, hangout, and is a safe and supportive space for everyone. Steller Connect is another space where people can come together in a creative community-centered way – finding support, quiet, and love. The Steller Kindness Project, started out as a way to spread positivity and kindness by sharing positive, inspiring stories; and now it’s turned into a movement that declares “If fear is contagious, why can’t kindness be?”, and this sparked The Red Chair Project, notes of love and kindness to strangers and friends alike, and so much more.

You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast where Katie shares her life story, she talks about the struggles she had as a kid and the autoimmune disorder (Ulcerative Colitis) that she suffered with and how that experience changed her life. She tells the story of the first professional haircut she had at 18 and how that completely changed the trajectory of her life and led her to follow the path to hair stylist. She talks about struggles she’s been through throughout her life and how those difficulties led her to spread kindness, love, joy, and acceptance, everywhere she goes and in everything she does. 

Katie talks about Steller Hair Company and how she started her own business, and she talks about the incredible community that she and her team have built there, and she shares more about Steller Connect. Katie talks about how The Steller Kindness Project has come to be, how it’s evolved and more about the incredible work that they’re doing to spread kindness with the Red Chair Project, and so much more. 

Katie and Steller Kindness team and their clients - The Red Chair Project
Katie and Steller Kindness team and their clients – The Red Chair Project

You do not want to miss this incredible episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast! Listen today!

For more information on Katie and her work, please visit:

The Steller Hair Company

Steller Kindness Project 

Steller Connect

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