Episode 44: Kim’s Story: The Power of the Word “If” and Working with Incarcerated Women

Detective Kim Bogucki, Co-founder of The If Project

Detective Kim Bogucki, co-founder of The If Project, joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast this week to share her story and to discuss the incredible work that she and the If Project are doing with currently and formerly incarcerated women.

The If Project is an innovative partnership between law enforcement, currently and previously incarcerated adults, and community leaders to build commonality, reduce misperceptions, and serve as a deterrent to recidivism and future incarceration. This initiative centered around the question “if” — “If something were different, how would your life be different?” “If there was something that someone could’ve said or done to change your path, what would it have been?”

Kim and her team have asked this question to so many incarcerated women and their answers will blow you away. Sometimes it’s something simple that could’ve been different or sometimes it’s help or support that the woman needed. The answers are powerful — and now the If Project is using the responses to provide solutions and brighter paths forward for all of these women.

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For more information on The If Project and to support their work, please visit their website.

Watch the trailer to the If Project documentary here:

You can watch the full “The If Project” documentary on iTunes.

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