Episode 91: Lacey: Inspiring Motherhood, the Power of Love, and Normalizing Kindness

Lacey Buchanan is a wife, mother, attorney

Lacey Buchanan is a wife, mother, attorney, and she’s truly a superwoman! Lacey made a video back in 2012, featuring her story and her son Christian, which went viral. Their video has been viewed millions of times, all across the globe – and Lacey and Christian’s story touched the lives of so many. This video changed the lives of Lacey and Christian, and the lives of so many others – and it launched a vibrant community built on kindness, hope, and love. 

After Lacey and her husband got married, they wanted to start a family. Lacey was working her way through Law school when she found out she was pregnant with Christian. Although she had a lot on her plate, Lacey and her husband were so excited and knew they could make it all work. 

At their 18 week ultrasound, they found out they were having a boy and decided to name him, Christian. But, just one week later, Lacey and her husband received a devastating call from their doctor, who said that something was wrong with Christian. The doctors didn’t know exactly what was wrong, but they thought that Christian had a cleft lip and palate. Lacey and her husband decided to welcome Christian into the world with open arms and decided they would work through whatever was to come. 

On February 18th, 2011, Christian was born. Christian was born with a rare form of cleft lip and palate called Tessier cleft lip and palate, classifications 3, 4, 5 – as well as cleft eyes, which left him completely blind.

Lacey spent time with Christian in the NICU, all while still learning to navigate her new life as a mother and while putting herself through Law school. Once he was able to go home, Lacey and her husband were overjoyed and took things one day at a time with their baby, who had a complicated medical situation. They learned everything they needed to know, loved their baby unconditionally, and started becoming accustomed to their new life. 

Christian and Lacey
Christian and Lacey

The first few months of Christian’s life though brought unkind looks, comments, and vitriol. In response to the disturbing remarks and stares, Lacey decided to make a short video and post it on YouTube to raise awareness, challenge others to be kind and love one another, and to bring others hope. 

The video went viral and has millions of views all over the world. This video changed Lacey and her family’s lives, and the lives of so many. This is the power of our stories. Lacey and Christian’s video and story has been featured on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and more. And their story launched an incredible online community that strives to support one another, love one another, bring hope to one another, and normalize kindness. And, of course, share updates and videos from the one-and-only, Christian Buchanan. Christian is thriving and is nearly 10 years old! 

Lacey joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her life story, she talks about her love story and how she met her husband, and she tells how she decided to go to Law school. Lacey talks about how she found out she was expecting, the details of her pregnancy with Christian, when they found out that there were going to be difficulties, and the day Christian was born. Lacey shares about their time in the NICU, her journey as a new mother, her journey as a mother of a child with medical complexities, and she shares about the commentary, stares, and vitriol she received during Christian’s first few months of life – which led to the viral video. 

Lacey and her family
Lacey and her family

Lacey tells the story of how she decided to make the video, she talks about the responses she received, and talks about her life since the video – and her life now. It’s hard to believe Christian is nearly 10 years old! Oh, and he has a little brother now too! You’ll hear about all of this and so much more in this powerful episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast!

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And you can buy Lacey’s book, “Through The Eyes of Hope”, here.

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