Episode 33: Laura’s Story: Advocating for People with Dyslexia and Decoding It

Laura Schultz, Co-founder of Decoding Dyslexia Maryland

Laura Schultz, co-founder of Decoding Dyslexia Maryland, joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her own personal journey with dyslexia, how her daughter struggled with dyslexia and how she advocated for her, and now how she’s helping other parents and individuals educate the public and advocate for people with dyslexia. 

Decoding Dyslexia is a parent-led, grassroots movement driven by families concerned about reading instruction and interventions for all students, including those with dyslexia.

For more information on Laura and her work with Decoding Dyslexia Maryland, please visit the DDMD website. And to learn more about dyslexia and/or get connected to the national network, please visit Decoding Dyslexia’s website.

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