Episode 69: Lily’s Story: Helping Others, Coloring Books for Kids in Hospitals, and Spreading Love and Kindness Every Way We Can

Lily Hake, Founder of The Lilypad Project

6-year-old Lily Hake is the founder of The Lilypad Project and the little queen from Michigan who is doing incredible work to help others in many different ways. 

The Lilypad Project was created by Lily after she visited someone in the hospital and recognized that there were children spending days, weeks, months, or even years in the hospital – and they needed something to do and something to cheer them up. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started drawing coloring book pages, that she would then make copies of and bind the pages together into coloring books, which she would then deliver, along with crayons and markers, to children at a local hospital. 

This project has continued to grow throughout Lily’s state (Michigan) and now, with the help of her friends, including her pageant friends and fellow queens, the Lilypad Project is in other states as well. This project just continues to grow and thrive, and it’s something that we can all do – and something that we should encourage other children to do, as well. Even if you simply buy coloring books and crayons and put them together into little fun packs for children at your local hospital. We can all do something to help kids who are suffering and going through difficult times in their lives.

Lily delivering dinner to first responders
Lily delivering dinner to first responders
Lily collecting school supplies for kids in need
Lily collecting school supplies for kids in need

And Lily does so much more than just the Lilypad Project. It seems as though every time you look at her Facebook page, she’s off doing another good deed, helping others, or finding new ways to spread kindness and love in the world. Recently, Lily and her family went to a local nursing home and stood outside with signs and drew positive messages on the sidewalk with chalk – to cheer up the elderly and those working in the nursing home during the covid-19 pandemic. Before that, Lily collected money to pay for school lunches for children who couldn’t afford lunch at school. Lily’s left money at vending machines, so someone who couldn’t afford a snack or didn’t have cash could enjoy a treat. She’s done kindness campaigns, where she gives out hugs, pays compliments to strangers, helps people in need, and so much more. As you’ll hear in this episode, Lily has done so much and she has so much more in store for our world.

This episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast is such a special one and Lily is the youngest 1 Girl Revolution we’ve highlighted to date. In this episode Lily talks about the Lilypad Project and all of the other things she’s doing to help others. Lily’s amazing mom, Amy, also joins us for a bit to talk about how to raise a 1 Girl Revolution and how to teach your children to do good. Lily and Amy both also answer the question we always ask during every episode, “If you could leave women and girls around the world with one message, what would it be?”

You don’t want to miss this special and  inspiring episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast!

Lily Hake, 2020 USA National Miss Michigan Jr Princess
Lily Hake, 2020 USA National Miss Michigan Jr Princess

You can also WATCH the video interview we did with Lily a year or so ago, where she shares more about her story and The Lilypad Project here.

For more information on Lily and all of the great work she does, please visit Lily’s official Facebook page here.

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