Liz’s Story: World Down Syndrome Day and Helping People with Down Syndrome Achieve Their Dreams

Liz, her daughter Ruby, her husband Tim, and her daughter Ella Mae

Liz Plachta is the co-founder of Ruby’s Rainbow, an organization that works to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes and helps them achieve their dreams of higher education while spreading awareness of their capabilities and their own awesomeness.

Ruby’s Rainbow was founded in honor of Liz’s second daughter Ruby. Liz says that the moment she saw Ruby, she knew she wanted the world to see what she saw in Ruby and she wanted to work to change the world’s perception of those with Down syndrome. When Ruby was born, Liz didn’t know much about Down syndrome, but alongside her family – she was determined to learn everything she could and to find a way to support others around the world with Down syndrome.

Ruby’s Rainbow has made an incredible impact in the lives of people with Down syndrome and has made the dreams of so many come true. Ruby’s Rainbow has created a network, so all Down syndrome families know they’re not alone, they have grown awareness around the world about those rockin’ an extra chromosome, and they are making the dreams of higher education and independence of so many with Down syndrome around the world come true — through yearly scholarship grants. Their current campaign the 321 Pledge is asking that you donate $21 and share with three people. What a great way to give back and help make the dreams of an incredible young person come true!

Ruby and Ella Mae

Also – March 21st is International Down Syndrome Day, celebrating those who are rockin’ an extra chromosome around the world, and we thought Liz and Ruby’s Rainbow would be the perfect guest to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with. 

Liz joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her own life journey, she talks about her family and the moment when Ruby was born, she shares how Ruby’s Rainbow came to be and more about their incredible work, she discusses Down syndrome around the world and the incredible network that has been created by individuals with Down syndrome and their families, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this incredible episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast! Listen below.

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For more information on Ruby’s Rainbow, please visit the Ruby’s Rainbow website. To participate in the 321 Pledge, please visit the 321 Pledge website or you can donate on the Ruby’s Rainbow website. And please follow Ruby’s Rainbow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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