Lori: Inside-Out: Empowering Education Within Jail and Prison

Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director of Inside-Out

Lori Pompa is a professor at Temple University, and she’s the founder and Executive Director of the Inside-Out Center and Inside-Out programs around the world.

Lori joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her inspiring life story, how she started working with incarcerated people, how the Inside-Out Center came to be and more about their incredible work and programs, and so much more. The Inside-Out educational program that brings together campus-based college students and incarcerated students for semester-long courses held in prisons, jails or other correctional facilities.

You can learn more about Inside-Out and their programming and see an example of their work through one of the Inside-Out professors in 1 Girl Revolution’s recent short documentary, “The Girl Inside.”

Listen to this inspiring episode below.

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For more information on Inside-Out and the Inside-Out Center, please visit the Inside-Out website.

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