Halli: The Healing Power of Community After Sexual Trauma and Childhood Abuse

Halli Faulkner, founder of Porchlight Wellness

Halli Faulkner, survivor of sexual abuse and trauma and founder of Porchlight Wellness, joins The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast this week to share her story of finding healing and how she’s now helping others find healing after trauma as well. 

Halli is a survivor of childhood sexual assault and has memories of abuse beginning when she was three years old. Although she was able to compartmentalize this trauma and create a career for herself as a successful attorney, she knew deep down that there parts of her life that were unresolved and that needed healing and care.

In her 20s, Halli began to use yoga and meditation practices to support her in healing from the childhood trauma she experienced and the PTSD she was carrying as an adult. Now, as a trauma-informed yoga teacher and the Founder and Executive Director of Porchlight Wellness, she offers yoga workshops for fellow survivors and trains others in how to create safe and welcoming spaces for women who have experienced sexual assault and abuse.

This episode of the podcast is POWERFUL. In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Halli’s difficult, yet beautiful and inspiring life story;
  • The story of how Halli found healing;
  • Stories from Halli’s life and career;
  • How Porchlight Wellness started and how they’re helping others find healing;
  • And so much more. 


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For more information on Porchlight Wellness, their trainings and resources, please visit the Porchlight Wellness website.

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