Jenny’s Story: Spreading Love and Kindness to Change the World

Jenny DePaul and her family sat around their dining room table one night, discussing what they considered to be true and how could they each make a difference in the world. What ended up coming out of that conversation, was a little project to spread kindness throughout their local community and serve the homeless… and it has grown to include partnerships with the New York Giants and so many others to spread kindness and serve those in need. 

Project Kind takes sandwiches, blankets and other goods to the homeless at night, sits with them and gets to know them and know their stories, and loves them. And Project Kind encourages all those that they encounter and all that they serve, to spread kindness and serve others too. 

It’s a really incredible project that began from humble beginnings and just continues to grow and evolve, and spread kindness and love wherever they go. We are so excited to see where Project Kind goes from here. Listen to this incredible episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to hear the story of Project Kind, more about their work, and more about Jenny and her family.

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