Episode 99: Traci: Mental Health and The Power of Listening and Being Heard

Traci Ruble, Founder of Sidewalk Talk

Traci Ruble is a renowned therapist, speaker, and founder of Sidewalk Talk. A few years ago, Traci felt the weight of growing loneliness, violence, addiction, frustration, uncertainty, and inequality in our world, and she decided to create spaces of connection and belonging – on the sidewalks. Sidewalk Talk creates communities of listeners for greater belonging and physical and mental health. Traci joins the podcast to talk about her fascinating journey through life, Sidewalk Talk and their incredible work, mental health and other struggles in 2020, and so much more!

Ali’s Story: The Power of Breathing and Overcoming Addiction and Trauma

Ali Hord

Ali Hord has a powerful story of overcoming alcoholism and trauma – and how the power of breathing helped her heal. Ali now works as a Breathwork instructor and now helps others overcome addiction, trauma, difficulties, struggles, and so much more. Watch this interview to learn more about Ali’s story and her work.,, and check out her interview and mini-breathworks session on the 1 Girl Revolution podcast.

Jada’s Story: Rising from the Ashes and Bringing Beauty to the World

Jada Kramer, Founder of Beauty from Ashes

Jada was addicted to drugs for many years, but finally went to rehab and got clean. She decided to go back to school and become an esthetician, because she had always loved makeup and beauty. Jada is the founder of the “Beauty from Ashes Project”, which provides beauty and spa services to women in recovery and survivors of addiction and human trafficking.

Episode 21: Jada’s Story: Beauty from Ashes

Jada Kramer, Founder of Beauty from Ashes

Jada Kramer, founder of Beauty from Ashes, has an incredible story of overcoming addiction, finding yourself and your purpose, and recognizing the power that beauty has to change the world and change the lives of others. Listen to this week’s episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to hear her story.

Laura’s Story: Don’t Give Up Without a Fight – Alcoholism


Laura suffered from alcoholism for many years. According to Laura, it was when she was attacked by a stranger in Seattle that realized if she didn’t fight back, that meant she had nothing worth living for. Following her return from Seattle, Laura decided to face her alcoholism head on and entered rehab. She has been […]