Episode 81: Aditi: Connecting Seniors and Youth to End Social Isolation and to Build Community and Friendship

Aditi Merchant, Co-founder and C.O.O. of Big & Mini

Aditi Merchant is a college student in Austin, Texas and she’s the co-founder and C.O.O. of Big & Mini. Big & Mini is a social platform that connects seniors and youth to bring an end to social isolation and to build community and friendship. Aditi joins the 1GR podcast to share her own life story, how Big & Mini came to be, and to talk about the incredible, innovative work Big & Mini is doing to connect young people and seniors.

Episode 74: Krista’s Story: Transforming The Lives of Women and Their Families, One Step at a Time

Krista Linden, Founder of Step-by-Step

Krista Linden – wife, mother of 7 daughters, and founder of Step-by-Step – joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast this week to share her story and to talk about the incredible work of Step-by-Step. Step-by-step strives to help every woman see her pregnancy as a catalyst for positive change and believes that at the heart of every family is a built-in, powerful force to fight against generational cycles of crime, poverty, and abuse, and a force to establish healthier individuals and families, and more vibrant communities. Step-by-Step is an innovative organization and social enterprise, and it is truly transforming the lives of so many.

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