Episode 106: Katie: One Rad Mama and Hope Through Harlow

Katie Scott, Founder of Hope for Harlow

Katie Scott is a rada$$ mama to Harlow and Brixton and she’s also the founder of Hope for Harlow. Katie originally started Hope for Harlow to help with Harlow’s medical bills and care, but now she uses to spread hope and to help others. Harlow was born on October 22nd, 2016 with an extremely rare […]

Episode 99: Traci: Mental Health and The Power of Listening and Being Heard

Traci Ruble, Founder of Sidewalk Talk

Traci Ruble is a renowned therapist, speaker, and founder of Sidewalk Talk. A few years ago, Traci felt the weight of growing loneliness, violence, addiction, frustration, uncertainty, and inequality in our world, and she decided to create spaces of connection and belonging – on the sidewalks. Sidewalk Talk creates communities of listeners for greater belonging and physical and mental health. Traci joins the podcast to talk about her fascinating journey through life, Sidewalk Talk and their incredible work, mental health and other struggles in 2020, and so much more!

Episode 94: Mallory: Walking a Mile With Women Around the World

Mallory Brown, worldwide traveler and adventurer, documentary filmmaker, and global humanitarian

Mallory Brown is a worldwide traveler and adventurer, documentary filmmaker, and global humanitarian. She travels the world to tell real-life stories of human connection, with a goal to encourage others to embrace empathy and reignite their own desire to make a difference in the world. Mallory’s latest endeavor, “Walk A Mile,” is a global marathon for women’s empowerment. Mallory joins the podcast to share her incredible life journey, her experiences and stories, “Walk a Mile”, and so much more.

Episode 84: Melody: Self-Love, Pinky Rings, and the Power of Sisterhood

Melody Godfred is the founder of Fred and Far

Melody Godfred is an author, a mama, and she’s the founder of Fred and Far, and an inspiring global self-love movement. Melody joins the podcast to share her incredible life story, from being born in Iran to moving to the U.S. to being the first in her family to go to college and law school, to leaving her law practice to chase her dreams, to founding a global self-love movement. You don’t want to miss this powerful episode!

Episode 82: Michelle: Changing the World, One Lasagna at a Time

Michelle Brenner-The Lasagna Lady

In March 2020, Michelle Brenner was furloughed from her job (Covid-19). Michelle decided to use her $1200 stimulus check to buy ingredients and make lasagnas for anyone who wanted/needed one, including 1st responders, individuals and families in need, etc. To date, Michelle has given away over 1,500 lasagnas – and her “Lasagna Lady” legacy continues to grow. Michelle joins the podcast to share her life story, how the “Lasagna Lady” came to be, how she’s changing the world one lasagna at a time, and more!

Episode 65: Cara’s Story: Surviving Domestic Abuse, Rising and Falling Through Life and Family, and Building Something Big and Beautiful With Your Life

Cara Brookins

Cara Brookins is the mother of 4, who took the world by storm when she and her children built a 3,500 square foot house from the ground up with nothing but YouTube videos to guide them. After fleeing domestic violence, Cara and her children were desperate to find a safe place to live and in 9 months this family built their dream home. Cara joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her life story, the rising and falling of life, her incredible story of resilience and hope, motherhood, her book “Rise”, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode!

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