Episode 55: Tanvi’s Story: Birthday Parties for Children Who Are Homeless – No Birthday Left Behind

Tanvi Barman, Founder No Birthday Left Behind

17-year-old Tanvi Barman is an incredible young woman who founded No Birthday Left Behind, an organization that throws birthday parties for children in homeless shelters. Tanvi joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her own life story, how her volunteerism at a homeless shelter as a child opened her eyes, and how No Birthday Left Behind came to be. 

Tanvi spent much of her childhood volunteering with her family at a local homeless shelter and one year when she was glowing, talking about her upcoming birthday party — she realized that birthday parties are a luxury for many… and there are some kids that don’t get birthday parties, and some that never have had one in their life. That’s when No Birthday Left Behind was born. 

No Birthday Left Behind was founded and is based in Northern California, but within a few short years, NBLB has continued to gain momentum and has grown to span across the U.S. and they continue to add new cities and shelters to their list of birthday parties all of the time.  

Birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate our lives, our purpose and our value — so by celebrating birthdays, No Birthday Left Behind is truly reminding these children of their value, their purpose, and that their life matters. Each and everyone of us is as unique as our fingerprints and these children are being reminded of that by the great work from NBLB. 

Don’t miss this inspiring episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast featuring Tanvi Barman, founder of No Birthday Left Behind:

For more about Tanvi Barman and No Birthday Left Behind, please visit their website.

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