Treger’s Story: Furnishing The Homes of Those Transitioning Out of Homelessness and Loving Those Around Us

Furnishing The Homes of Those Transitioning Out of Homelessness and Loving Those Around Us…

Treger Strasberg, co-founder and CEO of Humble Design, is a force to be reckoned with and we are so excited to share her story and her work with you on the 1 Girl Revolution podcast! 

Treger was born in Columbus, Ohio, raised in San Diego, met her husband in design school, and after living in Miami for a few years – Treger, her husband Rob, and their two kids (Henson and Tuesday) found themselves living in Detroit. After the big move to Detroit, Treger wanted to put her graphic design skills to use, so she began volunteering at Forgotten Harvest – an organization dedicated to fighting hunger and preventing nutritional food waste. It was there that Treger met Christa, a coworker who had become a friend who was on the verge of homelessness (with her family) – and it was there that Humble Design was born. Treger rallied people and resources – and was able to help Christa find a place to stay and she furnished her home with anything she could find and anything that others donated. 

 Humble Design started with one family, but now has furnished the homes of over 1,400 individuals, families and veterans transitioning out of homelessness. Humble Design transforms empty houses into warm, welcoming, and uplifting homes with donated furniture and household goods. Humble Design started in Detroit, but now also serves San Diego, Seattle, Chicago – and they’ll soon have a chapter in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Across the country, Humble Design warehouses are curated and stocked by design teams that personalize homes by providing a dignified, life changing experience for clients – and they believe in restoring dignity to every family that has suffered homelessness.

Treger joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her own personal life story, how she met her husband and more about her family, how Humble Design came to be and more about the incredible work they do, she talks about her family’s television show Welcome Home, and so much more! You don’t want to miss this incredible episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast.

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For more information on Treger and Humble Design, please visit the Humble Design website.

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