Kristen’s Story: Unfailing Love and Hope Amidst a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

“The doctors originally didn’t give us much hope. They said the tumors were inoperable. I mustered up the courage to ask one of the doctors when everyone else was out of the room – what are we looking at here?’ And he answered, because it the most aggressive form of brain cancer – glioblastoma multiforme, maybe 4 months left to live.

I thought, ‘I would give anything for three years. Why can’t we have three years?’ Thankfully, we didn’t listen to the doctors. JJ needed me to fight for him, and I mustered up the strength to question everything. We ended up getting second and third opinions and finally found a doctor who was confident he could safely remove the tumors. JJ did standard treatment, clinical trials with experimental treatment and he ended up going into remission for almost 2.5 years. So we ended up having 3.5 years together. Hope is more powerful than fear. Everyday is a gift.”

Kristen’s husband, J.J., was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, and was given 4 months to live. Kristen and J.J. fought his cancer together, fighting for 2nd and 3rd opinions – and other treatment options, and they ended up having 3.5 years together. J.J.’s legacy lives on in the lives of his two sons, and in the unfailing love and hope that Kristen exudes. Kristen is a #1GirlRevolution and we are honored to share her story with you.

Everyday is a gift.

1 Girl Revolution

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