Episode 110: TaJuanna: Choosing Joy, Chasing Dreams, and Empowering Others

TaJuanna Taylor, Founder of Bootstrap Dreams and Glory Stories

TaJuanna Taylor is the founder of Bootstrap Dreams and Glory Stories. TaJuanna has her own Glory Story to tell and she’s empowering others to tell their stories, to utilize their gifts and talents, and she’s empower others and changing the world through her life everyday. TaJuanna is a serial optimist and entrepreneur, who is using her own story and experiences to elevate others stories and tp help others to be the person they were created to be. 

TaJuanna joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her own powerful life story, she talks about her struggles and all that she’s overcome, she shares her wisdom, passion, and optimism – and shares all of the ways that she’s empowering others voices, their stories, and their lives. She shares her heart, her life, she talks about being a female business owner and serial entrepreneur, she talks about life as a single, working mama, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this inspiring and empowering episode!

Connect with TaJuanna on LinkedIn.

Find out more information about TaJuanna, Bootstrap Dreams, and Glory Stories on her website.

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