Willa’s Story: Fighting Hunger by Feeding Kids Right

Willa Johnson, founder of Feeding Kids Right, Inc.

Willa Johnson is a hardworking mother and a grandmother living in Texas, who abruptly quit her job in 2011, in order to dedicate her life to feeding hungry children. After creating The Soul Kitchen, a catering business created to fund her endeavors, Willa founded her non-profit Feeding Kids Right and began feeding hungry kids during holiday breaks and the summer months – when many children often go without food. ⁣⁣
Ms. Willa feeds hundreds of children every day, throughout the summer and holiday breaks – and oftentimes it’s more than 450 children a day. With Covid-19 causing the devastating loss of multitudes of jobs across America and most children being unable to return to school – leaving even more children hungry than before, Willa’s touching and heroic story encourages us to fight to eradicate child hunger, and to fight for those in poverty during these trying times.

Willa joins the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share her story and talks about her critical work with Feeding Kids Right.

Listen to her inspiring episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast – episode #15:

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For more information on Ms. Willa and Feeding Kids Right, check out their Facebook page.

And to donate to Feeding Kids Right, please visit their PayPal. ⁣

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