Episode 96: Abbey and Molly: American Ninja Warrior, Alopecia, and Carving Our Courage

Abbey and Molly Steffl

Abbey and Molly Steffl are incredible 1 Girl Revolution’s, with so many stories to tell. They have both been featured on “American Ninja Warrior” and they founded Carve Out Courage, an organization that empowers kids across the country and encourages courage and resilience. 

Abbey and Molly have both overcome so much in their lives and have their own stories of courage and resilience. Both Abbey and Molly were born with a cleft lip and palate, and Molly has alopecia, but they haven’t allowed these things to define them. 

Abbey, a renowned photographer, has used her gift and her art to reveal the beauty of all people and to empower kids and adults around the country to embrace who they are and their uniqueness. Molly has been Abbey’s top model and has helped elevate conversations about life, courage, and resilience, and cleft lip and palates, alopecia, and the uniqueness and beauty of every person.

Abbey on American Ninja Warrior
Abbey on American Ninja Warrior

Abbey and Molly took the world by storm when they were featured on “American Ninja Warrior”, numerous times. They used that opportunity to encourage courage, resilience, and to raise awareness about alopecia, cleft lip and palates, and the purpose and value of every person – kids and adults, alike. 

This mother and daughter duo is absolutely incredible and what they have done to raise awareness about alopecia and empower other kids and adults to embrace who they are and to be courageous – is inspiring. 

The Amazing Molly
The Amazing Molly

Molly and Abbey join the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share their individual journeys through life and their journey together; the struggles they’ve faced and everything that they’ve overcome; they talk about their journey to American Ninja Warrior, what that experience was like, and the powerful responses from others who saw Molly and learned about alopecia; they tell the story of how Carve Out Courage came to be and more about their incredible work; and so much more! 

You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode.

For more on Abbey and Molly and Carve Out Courage, please visit the Carve Out Courage website. And check out their awesome gear here!

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Follow Abbey and Molly on Instagram.
For more on Abbey’s photography, please visit Sunlight Photography.

The Steffl Family
The Steffl Family

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