Episode 138: Brooke Baldwin + Kate Bryan: A Huddle with Two of Our Favorite 1 Girl Revolution’s

Brooke Baldwin and Kate Bryan

The incredible Brooke Baldwin, formerly of CNN and author of the book “Huddle”, is back on The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast for a very special episode. This time, instead of Kate interviewing Brooke, we turn the tables and Brooke interviews Kate about her life, her career, and 1 Girl Revolution. They talk about Kate’s upbringing and struggles she has overcome throughout her life, they talk about how 1 Girl Revolution came to be and the three years of the podcast and documentaries, and what is to come. Kate and Brooke also talk about the importance of bringing women together, supporting your sisters, and standing together as women. You don’t want to miss this powerful episode!   

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Kate’s life story, how she got into PR and media, and how 1 Girl Revolution came to be; 
  • The behind the scenes stories from 1 Girl Revolution, the podcast, and the documentaries;
  • Stories that have inspired Kate throughout the past three years;
  • Sneak peeks about what is to come and a teaser of the second documentary from 1 Girl Revolution; 
  • And so much more.

Other things mentioned in this episode that you might want to check out:  

1 Girl Revolution’s Emmy-Nominated documentary, “The Girl Inside.” Watch on YouTube here.

Brooke Baldwin’s inspiring book, “Huddle.” Buy your copy today!

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