Gretchen’s Story: Honoring Our Veterans and Giving Back

Gretchen Smith is a daughter, a mother, a wife, a veteran, and she is the founder of Code of Vets, an organization that helps veterans around the country get the help and support that they need.

Founded in honor of her father, who was a veteran who suffered greatly from PTSD, Code of Vets is a grassroots effort that rallies around veterans and helps them get whatever they need – housing, groceries, medical treatment, dental, and so much more. They also promote veteran’s funerals around the country to make sure that the people that stood up for us, have people standing with them at the end of their life. This organization started as a simple Twitter page and now has become a huge support network for veterans around the country. For more information on Gretchen and Code of Vets, please visit the Code of Vets website.

Gretchen joins the #1GirlRevolution podcast to share her inspiring story and talk about the great work she does supporting our veterans. Listen here:

1 Girl Revolution

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