Episode 50: Jess’ Story: Headbands for Children Battling Cancer and Chasing the Brightside

Jess Ekstrom, Founded Headbands of Hope

Jess Ekstrom founded “Headbands of Hope”, a headband company that donates a headband to a child battling cancer for every headband bought, when she was in college.  Headbands of Hope has continued to grow and evolve throughout the years, and has donated over 500,000 headbands to date.  If you want to find out more about Headbands of Hope and support their great work, you can visit the Headbands of Hope website.

Jess is also a speaker, mentor, and most recently – she became an author. Her new book “Chasing the Brightside”, is available now at a store near you. 

On this week’s episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast, Jess shares her story, she talks about her life growing up, struggles she’s been through and how she overcame them, how she’s able to find the brightside – even in the dark moments of life, how she started Headbands of Hope and more about the great work they do today, how her new book came to be and what it means to “Chase the Brightside”, and so much more. 

LISTEN to this great and beautifully BRIGHT episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast.

For more about Jess and everything she has going on, check out her website

You can also follow Jess on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

You can find more information about her new book and/or buy it here

And for more information on Headbands of Hope, please visit the Headbands of Hope website.

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