Episode 98: Shreyaa and Esha: Sister-Founders of the Volunteer Network Transforming the World Through Kindness

Shreyaa and Esha Venkat are the sister-founders of the innovative volunteer network, NEST4US

Shreyaa and Esha Venkat are the sister-founders of the innovative volunteer network, NEST4US, which is dedicated to providing volunteer solutions to the community to make the world better through kindness. Shreyaa and Esha volunteered with their parents as children, and that led them to starting their own organization to help others get connected with volunteer opportunities across the country – and hopefully soon, around the globe. 

NEST4US works to empower the next generation of compassionate youth to integrate kindness, generosity, and social good into their routine. Their goal is to create a ripple of kindness that spreads across the nation and eventually throughout the globe.

Shreyaa and Esha join the 1GR podcast to share their life stories, to talk about how NEST4US came to be and more about the amazing volunteer network that they’ve created, and more about their incredible work. They also share powerful stories from their work, ways we can all spread kindness, what’s giving them hope during this difficult time in our world, and so much more. 

For more information on Shreyaa and Esha, NEST4US, to donate, to volunteer, and more, please visit the NEST4US website

And please follow NEST4US on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

911 Day of Service 2020
911 Day of Service 2020

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