Raelynn: Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Becoming an Empowered Woman Dedicated to Helping Others

Raelynn Batdorff

This week’s episode of the 1 Girl Revolution Podcast features Raelynn Batdorff – survivor, Crossfit queen, mama, and entrepreneur. Raelynn has an incredible story of surviving childhood abuse and trauma, and becoming a phenomenal woman who is dedicated to helping and empowering others. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • ⁠Raelynn’s powerful life story;
  • How her own life journey has led her to be dedicated to helping others;
  • Crossfit, her fitness journey, and why she opened a gym;
  • Her entrepreneurial ventures including Mommy Necklaces;
  • Stories from Raelynn’s life now including being the mama of a daughter with alopecia;
  • And so much more.

Listen below.

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