WAGS of SCI: The Inspiring and Badass Sisterhood of Women Whose Partners Sustained Spinal Cord Injuries

Brooke Pagé (and Evan) and Elena Pauly (and Dan)

Elena Pauly and Brooke Pagé are the founders of WAGS of SCI – Wives and Girlfriends of (Partners Who Sustained) Spinal Cord Injuries. 

WAGS of SCI are women who have partners with Spinal Cord Injuries. From the WAGS of SCI website, “When everyone else goes home to their own lives, we are the ones that are still there. Our unique caregiver/lover dynamic can only be truly understood by others like us. We are creating a strong network of women around the world supporting other women who are dealing with this injury alongside their men.”

Why are WAGS of SCI unique?

“Our unique role as a caregiver and lover is a challenging but rewarding dynamic. Our role is something not many people can understand, unless you have or are living this lifestyle. We found that when we connected in person with those who were like us, we felt a sense of relief and sisterhood that was unexplainable and desperately needed. The resources and insight that other WAGS of SCI have for one another is essential. We are the ones who are there when everyone goes home, back to their own lives, back to their own normal. We see the things others don’t. We have a vulnerability with our partners that cannot be duplicated. We live this life alongside our partners, and are committed to providing community and outreach to women like us in a positive, constructive and resourceful way. We CHOOSE this life, and love our partners for who they are, regardless of any disability.”

Brooke and Evan, Elena and Dan

Brooke and Elena, the founders of WAGS of SCI, join the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to share about their lives, their personal journeys with their partner’s spinal cord injuries, how they became friends, and how WAGS of SCI came to be. Elena and Brooke share more about WAGS of SCI, how it’s grown and evolved, the powerful sisterhood it’s created, and the incredible work that they’re doing to build community and support individuals and couples around the world.  

LISTEN to the 1 Girl Revolution episode featuring Elena Pauly and Brooke Pagé, founders of WAGS of SCI, below. 

The 1 Girl Revolution podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and anywhere you find your podcasts. 

The WAGS of SCI website has a great deal of resources that you can find here

To listen to the WAGS of SCI podcast with Brooke and Elena, visit their podcast page.

To donate and/or to buy WAGS of SCI swag to support their mission, please visit the WAGS of SCI website.

If you or someone you know is a WAG of SCI, you can join their private Facebook group here.

For more information on Elena, Brooke, and WAGS of SCI, please visit the WAGS of SCI website.
And you can follow this incredible community on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

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